Property Management with TLK


Find Me a Good Tenant



  • Advertise on major online portals

  • Viewings including evenings & weekends

  • Expert referencing of tenants and credit checks

  • Rigorous tenant selection process

  • Full photographic inventory

  • Facilitate move in of tenant

  • Provide ASTs

  • Protection of deposit

  • Notify all utility providers (start of tenancy readings)

  • Copies of relevant documentation to all parties


Manage My Property



  • Find Me a Good Tenant service (discounted to £299)

  • Rent paid within 24 hours

  • Free rent valuation

  • Periodic inspections

  • Monthly updates

  • Organise Gas Safety certificates

  • Advice on safety regulations

  • 24/7 call handling from tenants

  • Keeping in touch with tenants regularly

  • Organising maintenance

  • Pre-inspection before move out

  • Facilitate move outs

  • Resolution of deposit

  • Notifiy all utility providers

Zero Voids




  • Guaranteed market rent

  • We will sign an agreement with you that we are responsible for payment of your rent for the next three years so that you never have a void.

  • We use our unique advanced LHA strategies to make this possible.


It is not suitable for all properties, so why not contact us. As your TLK Letting Agents we can talk you through how this package works


Other Services


TLK extras


  • AST renewals

  • Periodic inspections

  • EPC’s

  • Garden maintenance

  • Secure unoccupied property

  • Deep cleaning

  • House sitter for scheduled appointments

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Locksmiths

  • In house Team of TLK plumbers

  • In house Team of TLK Electricians

  • In house Team of TLK builders

  • In house Team of TLK maintenance personell


I have been working with TLK for a number of years now. I lease my property to TLK on a ‘guaranteed rent’ basis and could not be happier.
I am completely stress free and do not have to spend time managing this property as TLK offer a Free Management Service, I literally sit back and watch the money roll in.
I will continue to work with TLK and would not hesitate to recommend them to business associates and friend and family alike